Literature work with the VPN access

Working with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) access can now be considered indispensable for writing a scientific paper. The access makes it possible to load literature from databases and scientific publishing houses directly onto one’s own computer.

The times of high procurement costs for the literature of a scientific work and long delivery times for the orders of studies come to an end or have reached an exceptional stage. In coaching, we often find that many of our clients do not even know that they have access to the university and certainly not how to use it. It is time to educate people on how to use the key to digital literature.

The access data for the VPN are included in the documents of enrollment and are often identical to the access data of other online services of the university or university. Various options are available for installing the access. We recommend the Cisco AnyConnect software, which can usually be obtained from the university’s internal online area, as we believe it provides a more stable connection with the alternatives.

After the installation you only need to enter access data and the connection is available (if there is no domestic firewall setting). Which data sources can be opened after establishing a connection depends on the individual contracts of the university. Sometimes these performance configurations are also designed differently in terms of subject area. Lists of databases can be viewed on the pages of the university library or the university’s computer center.

The work with the VPN not only makes the scientific writing much more comfortable, it also significantly enables the VPN to access a quantitatively and especially qualitatively better source location. Who at z. If, for example, interdisciplinary projects find that their own VPN has too narrow access limits and the university could have invested more in this field, it is sometimes well advised to exchange the approaches among the student circle of friends. Of course, only to trusted persons, especially if the access is still valid for other areas.

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